Tommafold Bi-fold Door Gear Available With Reliance D10 Multi-Point Lock




Tommafold is a unique, patented folding door system, providing all the components required to create a premium result for bi-fold doors. Tommafold door gear is designed for timber frame projects.

Tommafold is Secured By Design approved and has many secure features including heavy duty, concealed hinges that are only accessible from the inside of the door, secure locking flush bolts and a robust system that carries a 10 year warranty.

Tommafold bifold door gear is also available with a Reliance D10 multi-point lock, this is a twin deadbolt lock that’s easy to fit and has been especially designed to provide increased tolerances for door installers, allowing for up to 50% greater fitting tolerances and greater material movement associated with certain woods.

The twin deadbolts have a 20mm throw that fully penetrate the keep rail, helping to prevent the frame and sash being forced apart. The D10 has 5 deadbolts incorporating twin deadbolts in the upper and lower positions, providing high security levels and peace of mind.

The solid twin deadbolts in the upper and lower positions are bevelled on both sides, providing the ability to draw the door up, with perfect compression to the joinery seal when the deadbolts are inserted into the keeps.

The Reliance D10 is Secured By Design approved and tested to PAS24 and forthcoming EN14351-1:2016 standard.

The Reliance D10 has a 20mm radius and faceplate, the minimum door height should be 1934mm with a spindle height of 1050mm (a lower door height of 1810mm can be achieved by reducing the spindle height). The Reliance D10 is manufactured by Winkhaus and available from Quest by calling 01280 822062

The Reliance D10 multi-point lock is priced from £37.44 +VAT including keeps