10 Tommafold Key Features



Tommafold is a unique, patented folding door system, providing all the components required to create a premium result for folding doors, also known as bi-fold doors. Tommafold is often used to open out a room, offering increased light and during summer months joining inside space with outside living.

  • Fully and easily adjustable system for perfect alignment
  • Precision bearings for a smooth and effortless sliding operation
  • Heavy duty precise hinges tested to over 200,000 cycles
  • Unobtrusive, compact track
  • Patented hinge system prevents ‘gouging’ and wearing of weather seals.
  • Secure locking flush bolts – all metal construction
  • Easy installation aided by use of hinge jig and one router pass flush bolt fitting.
  • Fully weatherproof with high performance Stormseal weather stripping and Tommafold bottom blade seal
  • Secured by design accredited